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The Power of Conviction.

indicates a movement forward. We but all in vain. She was well disquote one or two sentences we have posed, well behaved and content, but just read: "Never lag behind, but utterly destitute of that love of learning and thirst for culture, withbe sure you never run ahead. You out which the highest advantages This is the greatest need of the can make the clock strike before the will prove of no avail. A corresworld. Has this power departed? hour by putting your own hands to pondent sends us a letter from a Has it, in any serious degree, dimin- it, but it will strike wrong. You young man, who says: "I am real ished in its practical effects? We can hurry the unfolding of God's hungry for an education, and have should not answer these and kindred providence, but you will only mar the divine plan unless you wait for Him."--Illustrated Christian Weekly

done all I could without means."

Let those who desire to do good in this way seek out such hungry souls and give them aid.

questions with undue haste. Our present field of Christian labor may be encompassed about with peculiar Suggestions by a Teacher BADGES of patriotism and religion difficulties; such as require patient are often made to perform service Connected with the Memorial continuance in well-doing in an for which they were not originally Presbyterian Church, Detroit, as to extraordinary sense. Time may be intended. A gentleman addressing the easiest mode in which parents requisite in order to break the crust the scholars of a large school ob- may rid themselves of all responof selfishness and indifference that served among the decorations about sibility in reference to the Sunday has come upon the souls that we the room, an American flag, and School. Don't read it, lest it disturb would save. Marked exhibitions of said: "Children, can any of you your quiet. this divine power may seem to a tell me why that flag was hung weary worker to be wanting in a there?" "To hide the dirt" quickly community when, in reality, it is present. Under such circumstances let us never give way to discouragement.

We rejoice, however, when there

comes to our notice some wonderful

DON'T NO. 1.

In the first place, don't get up too responded one sharp boy, who had early on Sunday morning. This will assisted in making the preparations enable you to make it lively getting for the occasion. If we could read breakfast out of the way, the chilthe secret history of many outward dren washed and dressed, and ready displays of symbols and signs, our for the morning service, and will respect and admiration would give calm your mind and body so that change, suddenly wrought in a de- place to contempt and disgust. To you can enjoy the service yourselves; praved heart by the Holy Spirit. put on mourning merely because it and when you find it is 11 o'clock it Without doubt, could we know how is the custom, to make an outward will enable you to stay at home with widely and effectually He is work- profession of religion because others an approving conscience, because ing among men, innumerable in- do or to hide the deformity of a cor- you honestly tried to get ready. stances of this kind would rebuke rupt spirit, to] contribute to chariour unbelief. table and benevolent objects merely to win the admiration of those who witness what is done, are acts of

and degrading to humanity.

THE children of Israel in their march through the wilderness were to move when the "fiery-cloudy pil- supreme selfishness, offensive to God, lar" moved; when it rested they were to rest. In other words, they were to be governed by God's plans THE custom of helping young for them. It was not even for their people through college merely begreat leader to determine when they cause they ask or are willing to were to march and when to sojourn. accept aid, cannot be commended. So God has plans for each one of us. In some cases very worthy persons He knows just what is best. He may be unwisely assisted. A sees the end from the beginning. writer in one of our exchanges tells He may not be ready to unfold His of a girl who, by risking her life to plans just now, but He will develop save a passenger train from wreck, them in His own good time. It awakened such a deep interest in the should be ours to try to learn what community, that a fund was raised are God's plans for us. This is the for her education, wise thing to do. We ought not to

"She was sent

DON'T! NO. 2.

Don't interfere with the independence of the children by suggesting that they had better study the Sunday School lesson, and especially don't volunteer to sit down with them and explain it. This might be the means of interesting them in the study, and cause them to neglect the morning paper and last story book; and besides, all this is the teachers' business, and that is what we pay them for.

DON'T! NO. 3.

Don't ever think of going to Sunday School yourself. Such study is only good for children, and is of no value to you in comparison with the last fashion sheet or market report; besides, your presence in Sunday

move one step till He indicates the to a well-known school, where for School might be a restraint upon way. Equally we ought not to rest two years her teachers tried to exerone moment after His providence cise and develop her mental powers,"

your boy and cause him to sit still and silent, and fill the heart of the

teacher with uneasiness lest he should have been taken suddenly sick.

DON'T NO. 4.

Bearing in mind that the power of example is potent with a wee child, don't attend the Children's Service; it would only make the child want to go too, and might lead him to think that you actually approved of it, and worse than that, it might encourage the teachers and officers of the school and add to their already large bump of self


DON'T NO. 5.

Don't show any interest in the lesson by catechising your child when he returns home, it may save you perhaps the disagreeable surprise of finding he was not at Sunday School at all, but was developing muscle on the rink or the river. And never ask into which envelope he put his penny; it may save wear and tear on his conscience by having to explain how he came by that fragrance of peppermint on his breath.

DON'T! NO. 6.

Don't ever let your boy catch you reading the Bible, at least not until you have finished the morning paper. He might interpret such an act as endorsing its teachings and might lead himself to set such store by its precepts, as to discourage him from the hope of graduating when be

reached the old age of seventeen or eighteen.

The Crank Defended.

tion of blood; Galileo was an astro- dies. If the rootlets of a plant do
nomical crank; Fulton was a crank not absorb moisture and nourish-
on the subject of steam navigation; ment for the plant, it invariably
Morse was a telegraph crank. All dies. If we do not use our arms they
the old Abolitionists were cranks; become useless to us; and if we do

the Pilgrim Fathers were cranks; not cultivate and develop good
John Bunyan was a crank; and any morals, we shall certainly have bad.
man who doesn't think as you do, We do not produce a perfect man-
hood and womanhood without effort,
my son, is a crank.
And, by-the-by, the crank you de- as the plant produces the perfect
spise will have his name in every flower, independently of will; but
man's mouth, and a half completed we must have an ideal more elevated
monument to his memory crumbling in thought, action and being than
down in a dozen cities, while nobody ourselves, else we can make no ad-
outside of your native village will vancement. The ideal should be a
Deal noble example of the greatest good-
know that you ever lived.
gently with the crank, my boy. Of ness possible for mankind to attain.
course some cranks are crankier than Nothing short of this should be the
others, but do you be very slow to ambition of any person. We should
sneer at a man because he knows not limit our powers, and be satis-
only one thing and you can't under- fied when we shall have attained to
stand him. A crank, Telmachus, is the position which some admired
a thing that turns something, it one now enjoys; less, like the lark,
makes the wheels go around, it in- after we have gained a certain
sures progress. True, it turns the height, we shall again descend to
same wheel all the time, and it can't things terrestrial; but let us place
do anything else, but that's what our ideal high up in heaven, and
keeps the ship going ahead. The then with an unswerving purpose,
thing that goes in for variety, versa- "press onward, right on," until we
tality, that changes its position a shall have approached as near as it
hundred times a day, that is no is possible in this life, to the only
crank; that is the weather vane, my
son. What? You




ideal which Christian men and women should have, Jesus Christ.

thank Heaven you are not a crank? It is unworthy of the Christian to Don't do that, my son. May be have any meaner conception of life couldn't be a crank if you would. than this. We should "grow up Heaven is not very particular when into Christ," and not yield ourselves servants of men. Now the easiest it wants a weather vane; almost any way to be a Christian, is to be a man will do for that. But when it Christian. There is, perhaps, no wants a crank, my boy, it looks very harder way of living than to serve carefully for the best man in the the Lord on Sunday and the Devil What would we do were it not for community. Before thank through the week; you are then the cranks? How slowly the tired Heaven that you are not a crank, which lacerate you whichever way placed between two sharp rocks, old world would move, did not the examine yourself carefully, and see you turn. Let us be actively encranks keep rushing it along! Co- what is the great deficiency that gaged, first removing the faults lumbus was a crank on the subject debars you from such an election.- which are unworthy of the Christian, of American discovery and circum- Burdette. and then, after we have removed these cumbersome things, the time navigation, and at last he met the of our fruitage is at hand, and we fate of most cranks, was thrown into ALL life is dependent upon ac- should "come rejoicing, bringing in prison, and died in poverty and dis- tivity, and without action there is the sheaves." Life DOES consist in grace. Greatly venerated now! Oh, no life. This principle is true, not activity. Christian life, in doing yes, Telemachus, we usually esteem only of vegetable and animal life, Christian duty. Eternal life is deBe a crank most profoundly after we but of physical and moral develop- not deceived. God is not mocked. pendent upon our actions here. starve him to death. Harvey was a ment as well. Let man's respitory For whatsoever a man soweth that orank on the subject of the circula- organs cease to act and the man hall he also reap."

Snauble and Verner Snauble, Bro. Augustus Tucker, and Sisters Spalding, Stark, Snauble, Sollis, Doig, Gilbert and Jacobus.

An excellent session of the association was enjoyed, the attendance being large and the meeting enthusiastic and harmonious. The presence of Miss Ambrose of the Toungoo mission, in Burmah, added much to the interest of the meeting. There is prospect that the minutes of the association will be ready for distribution before this paper is. Bro. C. M. Fellows is clerk.

Miss Franc Crosby.

Our church and the University were shocked to hear of the sudden death of Miss Franc N. Crosby, a member of the class of 1889, in the Literary Department. With her sister, Mrs. Jennings, she had united with our church at the beginning of her college course here, nearly four years ago. Last fall she went to the Indian Territory to teach in our Baptist Indian College, at Bacone,

The Church List.

No report was made in the April number. The additions since the March issue have been:


Olive Gane, 13 Lawrence; Miss Mina Shaw, 25 Niscox; Mr. R. D. Young, 15 N. State.


Augustus Tucker, 14 N. State; Mrs. Julia Tucker, 14 N. State; Jas. T. Eaman, 83 N. Main; Mrs. Gertrude Eaman, 83 N Main; Mr. Chas. Puryear, 23 S. Division.


Albert H. Flynn, to First Church, San Francisco, Cal.; Mrs. Etta A. Gartrell, to Baptist Church, Howell, Mich.

REV. I. N. CARMAN, father of the pastor of this church, is visiting in Michigan, and occupied the pulpit Sunday morning, May 5th. Others beside the pastor were gratified with his visit.

we begin to see the unfoldings of a year of plenty-the grass is so green and growing so quickly, the fruit trees are blossoming and promise an abundance of Nature's delicacies, the farmers are busy plowing and seed sowing. God's ordinance of Nature, which never fails from year to year, inspires the husbandman, and he toils on, never doubting the harvest that is sure to come. Now let every pastor, Sabbath School teacher and Christian worker of every kind have a like confident faith. The good seed is the Word of God, sown by thousands of humble servants-constantly, earnestly, prayerfully-in a full realization of a coming harvest. The gracious encouragement of the Divine Saviour, "Herein is My Father glorified that ye bear much fruit, so shall ye be My Disciples," is our incentive to

active service.

On the Way.

Toil on, my weary hands; while I

Will sing the while that toil is blest; If each day's work but bring me nigh To Heaven's sure rest.

Though strifes deny my soul repose,
I will not pray their stress may cease:
So their fierce gleams the way disclose
To Heaven's pure peace.

THE long days and short evenings her friends thinking the change are now here. Busy days full of would benefit her in health. She care and worry during the long had been doing faithful, telling summer months are sure to occupy Nor will I tremble in the day work up to within four or five days the time and attention of many. of her death. She was preparing for This is just where thousands have

When shadows fall as thick as night, If God's song cheers me on the way To Heaven's clear light.

a sojourn of two years in Europe let their religion become inactive and I'll bear the pilgrim's staff and scrip,

with her sister and several other students of the University, but the sudden summons came for the longer journey. Sunday, April 7th, she was taken ill, but did not seem seriously sick. At noon on Wednes day came two telegrams, almost simultaneously, to her sister here, one telling of a dangerous turn in her disease, the other of her death. Heart disease appears to have been the cause. The remains were brought to Ann Arbor, and a brief evening service held here, and the journey was resumed to her childhood home at Savona, N. Y.

Rarely does a life leave so sweet and pure a memory. She has not

lived in vain.

PATRONIZE Our Advertisers.

lost their relish for spiritual things. You never saw a time when you more needed what you can get out of the means of grace than now. There is no time in the year when your help is more needed. Many of our brothers are away all these summer months. Will you not try and supply the lack we must so certainly feel by a constant and prayerful attendance upon all the means of grace? Let old and young rally and see if these months cannot be made months of vital power and growth to the Church. Never be counted with those who are willing to relax their hold just because others do; but when members are fewest you are most needed. Try this and see if you will not gain by it.

If through the wastes God bids me roam; He leads my feet-nor lets them slipTo Heaven's sweet home.

What recks it that my years go by,

Subject to fickle Fortune's frown; If from their gloom I lift mine eye

To Heaven's bright crown. Why should I count as final loss

What fleeting joy of earth I miss, When I may climb by every cross To Heaven's true bliss.

Wondrous truths, and manifold as wondrous God hath written in those stars above; But not less in the bright flowrets under us Stands the revelation of His love. Everywhere about us they are glowing,

"Vice is a monster of such hideous mien, As to be hated needs but be seen;

But OFTEN seen, FAMILIAR with her face, We first endure, then pity, then embrace."

What e'er the care that breaks thy rest,,
What e'er the wish that swells thy breast,
Spread before God that wish, that care,
In this spring month of the year And change anxiety to prayer.

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