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The New South Wales



A Hand-book of the Every-day Laws



EXECUTORS, and men of business in General,
with some useful forms of purchase-agreements,
guarantees, wills, leases, &c.



Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.



Printers and Publishers, Castlereagh Street, Sydney,

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THERE are many transactions of daily occurrence -to which some legal knowledge is essential-which the average man is accustomed to perform without the aid of professional advice; it is not, as a rule, until some difficulty has arisen that such advice is sought.

Granting this, and although it is not always possible, and in many cases would be rash, to dispense with expert assistance, yet it is obvious that a knowledge of those principles of law which govern the transactions of every-day life must be of service in the cases indicated, and may often assist in avoiding those complications which frequently result from ignorance of the elementary principles above-mentioned.

For example, if a man sets about the preparation of an ordinary contract for the sale of land, or for the lease of a house-which is another form of contract-it is essential that he should have some acquaintance with the fundamental principles of law applicable in these cases; in other words, he should know with what persons he may contract and what form the contract should take in the particular case-otherwise any document drawn up may prove worthless, or at least insufficient to protect his interests and effect the object intended.

Though most persons can at least claim an imperfect acquaintance with the elements of the commercial law, and although the consequences attaching to the commission of the graver criminal offences are matters of common knowledge, yet with regard to minor offences and civil wrongs—such as trespasses and the like the act which constitutes the offence or wrong is often done in ignorance of the fact that it amounts in law to an offence or wrong, but ignorance will not save the wrong-doer from the attendant liability to a fine, imprisonment, or action for damages.

But, by a study of this treatise, it is submitted that the reader may at least furnish himself with the measure of legal knowledge necessary for the successful accomplishment of the


transactions previously referred to, and for the avoidance or redress of such offences and wrongs as entail liability to a prosecution or civil action.

Considerable space has been devoted to a synopsis of the Crown land laws and regulations, of the laws relating to the office of Justices of the Peace, and of the law of bills of exchange, cheques, and banking law in general-in order that the book may form a practical manual for persons to whom some acquaintance with those laws is a necessity.

To cite authorities in every case in a work of this nature would have been superfluous, and also impossible for considerations as to space; it may, however, be stated that many works and statutes have been consulted, and that every care has been taken to insure accuracy.

No particular originality is claimed for the treatise; its merits, if any, must be sought for in respect of brevity and simplicity.

It was found impracticable, without considerably increasing the cost of the work, to include certain subjects such as the mining laws, etc.-within its pages, owing to the space required for their adequate treatment; but, with the above exception, it is submitted that the volume will be found to contain articles upon almost every branch of law of general interest and of general application to the conduct of daily affairs.

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