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NOVEMBER 1880 to APRIL 1881

"To the solid ground

Of Nature trusts the mind which builds for aye."—WORDSWORTH

London and New York:








ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY, Duncan's Herbarium presented to, 252 |
Aberdeenshire Agricultural Association, 576
Aberration of Instinct, Geo. J. Romanes, F.R.S., 433; Rev.
T. H. Waller, 484

Acetous Fermentation, A. Herzen on, 86
Ackroyd (Wm.), Lecture Representation of the Aurora Borealis,

Acoustical Constant, Note on an, W. J. Grey and J. T. Dunn,

Acoustics in China, John Fryer and Dr. W. H. Stone, 448
Actinia, Crabs and, Col. H. Stuart-Wortley, 529
Adams (Prof. W. Grylls, F.R.S.), Scientific Principles involved
in Electric Lighting, 580, 605
Aeronautical Society's Annual Report, 20
Aeronautics in Russia, 298

Afghan Campaign, Geographical Results of, Capt. T. H.
Holdich, 159


F.R.S., 73, 99, 215

Allen (J. A.), North American Pinnipeds, 261

Allman (Dr. Geo. J., F. R.S.), Hailstorm in Dorsetshire, 146
Almeida (Prof. J. Charles d'), Death of, 63; Obituary Notice of,


Alpine Flowers, Francis Darwin, 333

Alston (Edward Richard), Obituary Notice of, 485

Amber, the Collecting of, 298

American Naturalist, 161, 282, 378, 449, 499

Africa: Dr. Holub's Proposed Journey across, 22; Rev. T. J.
Comber's New Map of, 22; Keith Johnston and J. Thomson's
Expedition, 38; Notes on the Geology of East Central,
Joseph Thomson, 102; J. Thomson's Report on the East
African Expedition, 134; Geology of East Central, and the
Subterranean Forest in Bombay, W. T. Blanford, 145; Pro-
gress of Exploration in, 160; Exploration of the Ogowé and
Congo, 323; Mitchinson's "Expiring Continent," 399; Birds
of, 467; E. G. Ravenstein's Map of Eastern Africa, 518
Agram, the Earthquakes at, 63, 83, 106, 156, 182, 253, 297,
419, 439, 492, 516, 530

"Agricultural Chemistry of Japan, Contributions to," 456
Agricultural Association, Aberdeenshire, 576

Agricultural Communism in Greece, W. Mattieu Williams, 579
"Aide-Mémoire du Voyageur," D. Kaltbrunner, 217
Air, Analysis of the, at Montsouris, by M. Davy, 63
Aitken (John), Dust, Fogs, and Clouds, 195, 204, 311, 384
Albatross, Notes on the Mode of Flight of the, Arthur W.
Bateman, 125; Howard Sargent, 362
Alcoholic Liquids, Freezing Points of, M. Raout on, 85
Alge, 359; of the Gulf of Finland, 494

Algiers: Observatory, M. Tripier appointed Director of, 107;
French Association for the Advancement of Science at, 319,
491, 515, 541; G. F. Rodwell, 582, 606
Algol in 1880, Minima of, 255, 517

Alkali and Sulphuric Acid, Prof. Lunge, Prof. H. E. Roscoe, Attwood's (Geo.) "Practical Blowpipe Assaying," Dr. C. Le

Neve Foster, 191

American Indian Languages, A. H. Keane, 503

American Entomologist, 321

American Journal of Science, 402

Anabæna Living in Botrydium, 158

Ancient Stone Implements, Modera Use of, D. Budde, 218
Ancient Monuments, Sir John Lubbock's Motion on, 467

Ancient Astronomy, 493

Anemone, Sir John Dalzell's, 495

Animal Reasoning, 219

Animal Life, Natural Conditions and, Prof. E. Ray Lankester,
F.R.S., 405

Animals, Mind in, Geo. J. Romanes, F.R.S., 501
Animal Development, Albert Kölliker, 480

Annalen der Physik und Chemie, 71, 187, 306, 449, 474, 545
Antarctic Expedition, the Italian, 87

Anthropology: Anthropological Institute, 96, 162, 212, 331,
403, 450, 475, 499, 571, 620; Presentation of Drawings to,
by Mr. B. H. Hodgson, F.R.S., 107; Prehistoric Anthropology
of the Crimea, M. Merijkovsky on, 63, 107; the Washington
Society of Anthropology, 84

Ants, Bees, and Wasps, Observations on, Sir J. Lubbock, Bart.,
F.R.S., 255

Apprenticeship Schools in Paris, 321

Appulse, near, of Jupiter to a Fixed Star, 158; J. Birmingham,

Archeopteryx macrura, 276

Archibald (E. Douglas), Average Height of Barometer in London,
243; Abnormal Variations of Barometric Pressure in the
Tropics, and their Relations to Sun-Spots, Rainfall, and
Famines, 399; Abnormal Barometric Gradient between
London and St. Petersburg in the Sun-Spot Cycle, 618
Architects, Naval, 568

Archives des Sciences Physiques et Naturelles, 71, 235, 283,
425, 594

Arctic Exploration, Commander Cheyne's Scheme, 134
Arlberg Tunnel, 321

Armstrong (Prof. Henry E.), Chemistry of the Future, Sir B. C.
Brodie, Bart., F.R.S., 141

Artificially Digested Food, on the Digestive Ferments, and on
the Preparation of, Dr. Wm. Roberts, 169
Aryan Village, An, Edward B. Tylor, F.R.S., 525
Asparagine, the Function of, 277

Astronomy Astronomical Column, 21, 43, 65, 85, 114, 158,
182, 206, 254, 276, 298, 321, 371, 396, 441, 493, 517, 542,
591; Astronomische Nachrichten, 372; Urania, 383; Ancient
Astronomy, 493
"Atlas of Physiological Botany," Dr. Dodel-Port's, 157
Atmospheric Pressure of the British Islands, 470
"Atomic Theory," Ad. Wurtz, Translated by E. Cleminshaw, 5
Atoms, Prof. Dewar on, at the Royal Institution, 181
Atti della R. Accademia dei Lincei, 235, 474, 594

Aurora Display of, 42; Height of the, H. T. H. Groneman,
56; Aurora of November 3, J. Rand Capron, 76; Aurora
observed at Ovoca, Co. Wicklow, November 3, G. H. Kinahan,
100; the August Auroras, W. Stanley Jevons, F.R.S.,
148; Bottomley's Experiments with Vacuum Tubes and the,
Prof. Silvanus P. Thompson, 289; Observations of Aurora
Borealis, 84; Lecture Representation of the Aurora Borealis,
Wm. Ackroyd, 458; Aurora of January 31, Prof. Osmond
Fisher, John Harmer, R. W. Taylor, G. W. Prevost, 329;
Aurora and Electric Storm of January 31, W. H. Preece,
George M. Seabrooke, G. M. Whipple, Rev. S. J. Perry.
F.R.S., J. Rand Capron, E. J. Lowe, G. Henry Kinahan,
Gerard A. Kinahan, F. Horner, W. J. Spratling, D. Traill,
348; Aurora of January 31, Position of Auroral Rays, T. W.
Backhouse, 410; Tacitus on Aurɔra, 459, 484; Sound of the
Aurora, E. Alloway Paukhurst, J. Shaw, 484; George F.
Burder, 529; M. L. Rouse, 556; Dr. John Rae, F.R.S.,

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