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" Dame. Yes, I have brought, to help our vows, Horned poppy, cypress boughs, The fig-tree wild that grows on tombs, And juice that from the larch-tree comes, The basilisk's blood, and the viper's skin : And now our orgies let us begin. "
Zoological Recreations - Стр. 88
авторы: William John Broderip - 1847 - Страниц: 380
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Fraser's Magazine, Том 43

James Anthony Froude, John Tulloch - 1851
...line. The eleventh hag in Jonson's If as que of Queens exultingly sings — I went to the toad, breeds under the wall; I charm'd him out. and he came at my call. And Gesner ascribes a power to it which was believed to conduce to the quiet of mankind at the expense...
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