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GRADA Publishing gains new customers thanks to Google Books

Written by Zdeněk Jaroš, Head of Marketing, Grada Publishing

Grada Publishing is the publishing house of non-fiction literature, which was established in 1991. At first we only focused on computing literature which was really in demand, but as time passed by, we have started to focus on the education sector and diversified into other fields. In the end we have created six different editor's offices: economics, accounting and taxes, computing, technical, medical, and psychology.

After 19 years of operating on the book market, we are proud of more than 4000 titles which we have published. We annually produce over 400 newly-released books in more than 30 fields, and approximately 90 edition series. Our readers can buy our books not only in bookshops and the big networks of bookstores throughout the Czech Republic and Moravia, but also in neighbouring Slovakia. In Bratislava resides our partner Grada Slovakia, which supports the distribution of the complete production of our books in Slovakia.

New titles are regularly introduced on the pages of daily and specialized newspapers. Furthermore, we promote our titles with a range of advertisers using different methods. We place emphasis mainly on the presentation events of our publishing house within the framework of specialist conferences, workshops and exhibitions. Our websites inform you regularly about the news, production and other activities.

Our marketing philosophy stems from the fact that there is "more to life than work", therefore, aside from our series of specialized publications from native and foreign well-known authors in their fields, we also publish non-fiction books with themes oriented on our readers' different kinds of hobbies.


We learnt about Google Books directly from representatives of Google in the Czech Republic, who contacted us in June 2007. The new service intrigued us so much that we put our first titles there in August of the same year.

The main aim was not just to bring our books closer to the general public via Google - through the electronic way, but to address and gain new customers. The Google Books service enabled us to contact new groups of customers, which we had not been able to reach until now. Additionally this service has helped to increase our revenue and improved services offered by us.

So far we have placed around 1200 books from our range into the Google Books service, which amounts to approximately 65 percent of the entire Grada Publishing range. We are planning to place the entire range of our publications in Google Books in the future.

Grada Publishing regularly uses the tools of online marketing so this service has been a welcome addition.

Goal: Expansion of sales techniques

As already mentioned, Grada Publishing started to actively use the Google Books service in 2007. Three years of cooperation has earned, besides from promoting our titles, tens of thousands of new customers. In summarising our results, we can say that hundreds of thousands of our books are monthly read on Google Books and since we have started to use this service, their number is around two million read books, which means approximately 30 million read pages.

Moreover, the feed-back from our customers is unanimously positive about the Google Books Search service. We are very satisfied with these results, and are ready to collaborate on our next venture.

About Google Books

Google Books enables publishers to promote their books on Google. Google scans the full text of participating publishers' titles so that Google users can see books that match the topics they are searching on. When users click on a book search result, they're taken to a Google-hosted web page displaying a scanned image of the relevant page from the book. Each page also contains multiple "Buy this Book" links, which enable users to purchase the book from online retailers. Users may also see contextually targeted Google AdWords ads on these pages. Publishers will receive a share of the revenue generated from ads appearing on their content.

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