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Educational Foundations

(Established 1888--Present form adopted May, 1916)

LOUISE E. HOGAN (Home and School Department)

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Editorial Counsellors and Contributors

UNITED STATES ROBERT J. ALEY, Ph.D., LL.D., President University of Maine, Orono, Me., President

National Education Association, 1916-1917. JAMES W. BRIGHT, Ph.D., LL.D., Caroline Donovan Professor of English Litera

ture, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. COL. L. N. GIGNILLIAT, Culver Military Academy, Culver, Indiana. M. P. E. GROSZMANN, Ph. D., National Association for the Study and Education of

Exceptional Children, Herbart Hall, Plainfield, N. J. GEORGE HODGES, D. D., Dean Episcopal Theological Institution, Cambridge, Mass. NEWELL DWIGHT HILLIS, D. D., L. H. D., Arbuckle Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. DAVID STARR JORDAN, Ph. D., M. D., LL.D., Stanford University, Cal. DAVID B. JOHNSON, LL.D., President Winthrop Normal and Industrial College, Rock

Hill, S. C., (President National Education Association, 1915-1916.) JAMES H. KIRKLAND, Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L.. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. ALBERT B. MEREDITH, A. B., Asst. Commissioner of Education, Trenton, N. J. FRANCIS TREVELYAN MILLER, Litt. D., LL.D., Author and Editor. Founder of

the Joumal of American History, New York City.
MORRIS P. SHAWKEY, A. M., Supt. of Education, W. Va.
FRANK STRONG, Ph. D., LL. D., University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kans.
CHARLES F. THWING, LL.D., President Western Reserve University, Clev d, Obio.

HENRY W. KINNEY, A. M., Supt. Public Instruction, Hawaii.
PAUL G. MILLER, Ph.D., Commissioner of Education, Porto Rico.

E. B. SARGANT, Esq., London, England.
EMILE BOUTROUX, Member French Academy, Paris, France.
F. L. HAWKS POTT, D. D., St. Johns University, Shanghai, China.
PROFESSOR INAZO NITOBE, Imperial University, Tokio, Japan.
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azine except such as are found in their own contributions and editorials.

Published Monthly except July and August by

Educational Magazine Publishing Company

W. C. O'DONNELL Jr., Pres.; 8. M. VAN BRAKLE. Secy.

HENRY STERLING OHAPIN, Business Manager Published at Cooperstown, N. Y.

Office 31-33 E. 27th St., N. Y. $2.00 a year, 25c a copy. Foreign postage 20c extra. Canadian postage 100 extra per year.

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Educators of the Country

speak for Patri's

“A Schoolmaster of the
Great City"


William Wirt, Superintendent of Schools, Gary, Indiana

“I have read the book with great interest and find it a vivid picture of the
difficult problem of actually doing in the school what we all know should be
done there. But the story does a great deal more than show the difficulty
of the problem. The successful way in which the difficulties have been
overcome is an inspiration ard should convince any teacher that the effort
is worth while. The great problem for us as teachers today is to actually
put into practice what we preach.'


Albert Shields, Superintendent of Schools, Los Angeles, Cal.

"It is a delightful thing to find a practical administrator who can see in the
school organization not the end of education, but a necessary yet ever
changing device for securing that end; whose understanding of the larger
problems is so real that he will not permit rules or traditions or habits,
however sanctified by long custom, to deflect his attention from the real
objects of true education—the welfare of children. It is a book full of help
and suggestion."


John Martin, Board of Education, New York City, N. Y.

"Were I an educational czar, I should issue an edict that every City Teacher
read this book three times during the vacation. If its spirit could take pos-
session of every school, a revolution would be effected more fundamental
than the glorious Russian Revolution.”

A Schoolmaster of the Great City

By Angelo Patri


The Macmillan Company

A Complete System of Nursery Diet With Numerous Recipes;
Also Many Menus for Young and Older Children.
A Home and School Guide for Mothers,

Teachers and Physicians


How to Feed Children, A Study of a Child, Children's Diet in Home

and School, The Child in Sickness and Health, etc., etc.

16mo, Cloth, 160 Pages, Price 75 Cents, net

Contents of Diet for Children

Explanatory List of the Various Classes of Nursery Foods-Foods ForbiddenNursing and Mother's Food-Menus Simple Supper Dishes for Summer and Winter-Diet in Illness—Peptonized Foods for Illness—Antidotes for PoisonsRecipes—Broths and Soups—Cereals—Muffins, Bread, etc.—The Use of Vegetables in the Nursery—The Place of Fruit in the Nursery-Desserts.

The favor with which Mrs. Hogan's book has been received is evidenced by the following extracts from letters since the publication of this attractive volume.

that as a practical cook book of desserts it is simply splendid-especially for the rapidly growing class of people who are cultivating a respect for their digestive organs and seeking rules in accord with simple living."

RUPERT BLUE, Surgeon-General Treasury De

partment, Bureau of the Public Health

Service, Washington. "It seems to me that Diet for Children, by Mrs. John L. Hogan, should be found especially helpful to the intelligent mother untrained in dietetics.' HARYOT HOLT DEY, President Woman's Press

Club of New York City, Chairman Committee on Industrial and Social Conditions,

New York City. “Mrs. Hogan, in Diet for Children, has made hor collection of practical directions for the young mother with her characteristic discretion. Tho recipes are many of them so dainty and so delicate

ANNA H. DRAYTON, Executive Secretary The

New York Training School for Community

Center Workers, New York City.
"I have a copy of Mrs. Hoganıs Diet for Chil.
dren. It seems to me most practical and compre-
hensive, so that a mother who had very little time
could easily master its instructions without spending
a great deal of time in finding the information for
which she is in need."


LOUISE EL HOGAN In order that you may examine this volume in the light of every-day use, we will be glad to send it to you on approval. You examine the book and if it proves of value to you, send us your remittance for the cost of the volume. We assume all risk. THE BOBBS-MERRILL COMPANY, 185 Madison Ave., N. Y. C.:

Please send me a copy of Diet for Children on 15 days' examination. I will return the book or send you 75 cents if I desire to keep it.



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