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of the Thames: he dies in November, and Canute the

Dane succeeds to the Territory of both Nations:-

under him the Danish Sway regularly commences: his


(Nov. 12.) Death of Canute: Harold his Son succeeds
Ineffectual Attempts of Etheldred's Sons, Edward and
Alfred: treacherous Murder of the latter
Hardicanute, Son of Harold

Edward, Ethelred's Son, succeeds on the Death of Hardi-
canute, without Opposition, after Twenty-seven Years
of Exile

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William, Duke of Normandy, visits Edward
(Jan. 4.) Death of Edward: his Character:
Anchorite "
Harold, Son of Godwin, crowned by the Saxon Chiefs :
he is opposed by his Brother Tostig

(Sept. 25.) The Army of Tostig defeated

(Sept. 28.) William, Duke of Normandy, lands in Sussex 71

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Close Connection of Language with Thought and Feel-


Saxon Writers: Venerable Bede born, A. D. 663, died 735
To him we owe all English History from the Landing of
the Saxons till his own Time

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Edgar Atheling acknowledged King in the North, aided
by a Danish Army; William defeats the Allies, and
commits atrocious Devastations

- 101

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Review of the Causes which contributed to the Success of


William goes to Normandy to suppress the Revolt of his


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- 114


(26th of September) proclaimed and crowned at West-

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(14th of July) Jerusalem taken by Assault
Were the Crusades just? It was a Defence of an Exercise
of Religion older than the Mahometan Power
It is no valid Objection to a just Motive, that Ambition
may easily convert it into a Pretext

Wars to impose Religion are the most execrable Violation

of human Rights; Wars to defend it, their most sacred


Attempts to conciliate the English by promising to restore
the Laws of Edward, and by marrying Maud, a Princess
of Saxon blood

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Stephen, second Son of Stephen Earl of Blois, by Adela,
Daughter of William the Conqueror, pretends that
Henry declared him Successor

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1142-1147. Incessant Warfare between the two Claimants; Maud at
length returns to Normandy, which her father has
wrested from Stephen; Death of Robert
Henry Fitz-Empress comes to England; his Marriage
with Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine

Treaty of Winchester, securing the Crown to Stephen for

Life, and the Succession to Henry

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Becket made Archbishop of Canterbury
England now takes a Share in the Struggle against Papal
Usurpations which had agitated Christendom for a Cen-
tury; Sketch of its Origin and Progress; Dispute con-
cerning Right of Investiture
- 146-148

Violent Character of similar Disputes in Italy during the

Reign of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa - 149-152

Romantic Story related of the Mother of Becket
Extraordinary Transition of Becket from the Manners of
a Courtier to those of a Devotee, on his Elevation to
the Primacy

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The King attempts to render the Clergy amenable to the
Secular Tribunals; the Clergy oppose

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(January) Council of Clarendon, where the Bishops

Becket repents of his Acquiescence: He escapes to the

Abbey of Pontigny, in Burgundy

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Becket, however, refuses to remove the whole of the Ec-

clesiastical Censures, or to do Homage for his Ba


- 165

The King's Ejaculations of Complaint at this Circum-
stance are interpreted by two Knights, as conveying a
Desire for the Murder of Becket, which they accom-
plish before the Altar of St. Bennet
- 161

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