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Birth. Earliest Recollections.--Her Grandfather. First hearing of God.-

Sunday Instructions. Philosophy. – Natural History. - George Bott,
the Dentist. - Aunt Polly.- " Ami des Enfans.” “ Little Charles.” -
Desires after Knowledge. — Love of Animals.- Sandford and Merton.-
Abhorrence of Finery. — Swiss Bonne. — Alps.- Impressions. --Miss de
Luc.-Sabrina Sydney. - The Skull. — Removal to Barr. — Sir Joseph
Scott. Mr. H00.- Description of Barr. – Haunts for Reading or Bota-
nising. - The House itself. - Her Mother's Care. -Swiss Governess. -
Switzerland.- Magpie.- Parrot.-“ Alphonse.” – Prose Hymns.- Fu.
neral Procession. - Mr. Hoo's Hounds. — Squire Chase. - Her Mother's
Instructions. — Habits of Barr. — Reflections. — Lady Scott. — Visitors.
- Her Father. — Lunar Meetings. – Mr. Boulton. – Mr. Watt. - Dr.
Withering. – Dr. Stoke. — The Snake. — Dr. Priestley. — Phrenologic
Descriptions. - Anecdote.- Fungi.—Mr. Berrington.— Her Grandfather
Barclay.- Dudson.- Her Grandfather Galton.- Lizzie Forster. - Early
Walks. — Lake. — Symbols. — Birth-day Gifts. Asthma. — Æsop. —
Visit to Tenby.-Interests there.—The Lunatic.-Effects.—The Temple.

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Housekeeping.— Regulation of her Household. — Testimony concerning it.

- Machinery of Life at her Father's House.— Its Consequence. — Femi.
nine Attainments.- Her desire to acquire them. — Pecuniary Embarrass-
ments.- Conduct under them.- Self-denial.- How she gave to others.
-Port Royalists. --Lancelot's Tour. -Demolition of Port Royal.--Select
Memoirs of the same. - Goes on the Continent. - Count Gregoire.-
Obtains Port Royal Books. - Her Feelings respecting them.—Opinion of
Hannah More. - Beauty and Deformity. - Principles of Beauty.
Slavery.- Tracts. - Society.- Acquaintance with Mrs. Richard Smith.
- Dr. Okely.- Lady Bedingfeld. - Cardinal and Mrs. Weld. — Illness
and Death of her Mother. — Feelings under it. — Wears Mourning in


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